How to solder gold – Duchi jewellery

How to solder gold – Duchi jewellery

I researched the way to solder gold for months till I met a Gold jewellery designer at Duchi. He told American state some best however economical ways in which to solder gold.

How are you able to solder gold?

There square measure actually solely some distinctions once it involves attachment gold rather than copper or silver.

What style of solder ought to be employed in gold?
Solder could be a metal alloy designed to soften and bond metal along. Most solders won’t work with gold, therefore you wish to get gold solder from your bullion dealer in either panel (thin sheet) or wire kind.

You should acquire the right solder for the metal, e.g., if you're attachment eighteen karats yellow gold, purchase eighteen karats yellow gold solder. perpetually use the right unit of measurement of solder or the subsequent solder up, e.g., if you're attachment a 9 unit of measurement item, you may use AN eighteen unit of measurement solder. Don’t use the lesser carat solder, as this might impact the hallmark applied once the assay workplace tests your piece.


Gold solders are available laborious, medium, simple and further simple, furthermore as varied karats and colours.

Preparing the gold

You prepare the gold within the same approach that you just do silver. Gold can want tempering to melt the metal before shaping the piece into maybe a hoop form.
You also have to be compelled to make sure you have a good be a part of before attachment in only a similar approach you are doing once making a chunk for attachment in silver.
Finally, the metal should be clean and grease-free, therefore it's very important to file or see the surfaces soldered to urge clean metal once tempering.

Soldering the gold

According to the Duchi gold designers, gold is soldered on a charcoal block to mirror additional heat onto the piece. Your essay ought to be adequately supported. Coat the be a part of with flux (a liquid flux like Auflux is additional usually used with gold) (a liquid flux like Auflux is additional usually used with gold). Then cut atiny low pillion(s) off your gold solder panel and apply to the junction PRN employing a brush-covered in liquid flux.


Now for a few of the variations whereas attachment gold. it's very important to understand that gold willn’t conduct heat a similar approach that silver does. therefore it's less crucial to bring the whole object up to a similar temperature as you have got to try to to once attachment silver. Once the piece is hot and therefore the flux has bubbled off, you'll next concentrate on the soldered region however focus the flame on the gold, not the solder. The trick is that threefold flows onto metal that's hotter than it's and flows towards the flame and to take care of moving your flame back and forth slowly so as to not manufacture any hotspots that might cause melting. That’s however Duchi created it really easy attachment gold on behalf of me.

What is Duchi?

Duchi has been a British luxury jewellery whole since 1800, coming up with monumental patterns and styles of knickknack of every kind from ancient to fashionable and merchandising it round the gold for 2 centuries.

Duchi Gold jewellery

Duchi has been producing gold jewellery for over 2 centuries, and Duchi gold jewellery is that the popular article of its whole assortment. The approach Duchi created gold is simply high lovely. Duchi is unfold within the
UK, wherever it's conjointly headquartered, the US, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, China, and Egypt.


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