In Honour of You

In Honour of You


Duchi jewellery is similar with life’s accomplishments. every bit of Duchi jewellery is specially designed to celebrate the assorted important moments of your distinctive journey.


Duchi Jewelry History of Duchi jewellery

Duchi jewellery contains a made history within the jewellery trade. Established in 1850 by J. R. Wood and his sons, their 1st ring creation grabbed the hearts of ladies and appealed to the many men in their lives. Over its 150-year history, Duchi jewellery has pushed the boundaries of engagement and wedding rings.


In 1920, the designers of Duchi jewellery stepped outside of their niche to make a product that may beguile a brand-new generation of graduating teenagers. Duchi set to pursue creating category rings for graduating high school students. Duchi’s category rings class has broadened to incorporate school and university category rings.


In 1996, continued their trade evolution, Duchi began making personalised jewellery to memorialize family and every one the thrill and hardships that escort family. additionally, to those personalised items, Duchi jewellery began to incorporate items that may tell the story of individual journeys. In 2015, jewellery set to form a come back to their original roots and discharged a vintage bridal assortment to celebrate their made historical past.


Signature options of Duchi jewellery

Duchi jewellery, since its origination, has pushed the boundaries of the jewellery trade. they need created a number of the foremost stunning and sacred items to celebrate the attractive moments of life.


Engagement and wedding jewellery - Duchi jewellery has been a cornerstone within the bridal jewelry trade. they need created a number of the foremost elegant and classic items throughout its 150-year presence inside the bridal trade.

Class Rings- Duchi jewellery has pushed the boundaries of sophistication rings. Their category rings have evolved from ancient rings to their easy or distinctive ring styles. Duchi offers category rings for everyone’s feeling. every category ring options a stone of your alternative and engravings to memorialize a student’s accomplishments.

Celebration of Life- Duchi jewellery has created distinctive statement items to celebrate those significant occasions. every bit during this assortment is simply as distinctive because the moments themselves. you'll be able to make a choice from necklaces, bracelets, and rings, with totally different stones, metal combos, and specific engravings. Duchi has created a set can which will that may celebrate every and each special moment that you just and your fair-haired ones will expertise. Duchi’s Celebration of Life assortment is split into multiple classes like The Story assortment, The Shaded Hearts assortment, and also the anaglyph assortment, among different special collections.

Another distinctive feature of Duchi jewellery is their ability to utilize distinctive precious stones that make distinctive and chic jewellery items. a good example is Duchi jewellery’s use of eclipse siladium, which provides their rings and jewellery a dark atmosphere. Their jewellery and creations are as distinctive as you are! Catch each vital moment, and lock it into a treasure that may last forever and might be two-handed down for generations. Your graduation, love, children, grandchildren, accomplishments, loves, hobbies, dreams and aspirations; might you’ll you may capture these items on a charm bracelet otherwise you could capture these within the class and prowess that the master jewellers of Art Craved jewellery offer. Before you impetuously purchase a generic piece, cross-check Duchi and take into account creating a masterpiece.



Cocktail Rings: create Any Day Feel Special


Certain occasions need an additional serving to of gaudiness and beauty. whether or not you’re celebrating at a celebration or going somewhere fancy, cocktail rings can liven up your look. Throw on a robe and a coordinating cocktail ring for the evening- or wear one unspecified day simply to feel further special!


Cocktail Rings Events deserve fancy cocktail rings

These fancy rings are created for all the flamboyant events on your calendar. You don’t really want Associate in Nursing excuse to wear your favourite cocktail ring, however it doesn’t hurt!


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